All across the galaxy, a threat is taking root. Growing, hidden in the dark crannies beyond our borders, massing strength. That threat, is intelligent alien life.

The Fermi Patrol is an elite fighting force, armed with the most cutting edge weaponry, accepting only the brightest and bravest members of our species. Named for farsighted physicist Enrico Fermi, the first to see the signs of this looming existential threat, this band of warriors is the only shield holding humanity's doom at bay.

Join the organization that has been protecting humanity since the year 2237. Travel the galaxy, see the wonders of nature, and do your part to prevent the extinction of your species.


Made for the Fermi Paradox Jam.

One known bugs exists - restarting the browser seems to fix it.

TagsAliens, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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DL version, Linux preferred